The 8 Essential Cyber Security Subjects to Train Your Employees On


In an age where cyber threats can cripple organisations and compromise personal data, cyber security training is a non-negotiable necessity. Every employee, irrespective of their role, needs to be aware of the best practices and protocols that will safeguard not only the company but also its stakeholders.

The Importance of Understanding Cyber Security Basics

Before diving into specialized subjects, a foundational understanding of what constitutes cyber threats is critical. Employees should learn about different types of threats like phishing, malware, ransomware, and social engineering. Practical examples, simulations, and quizzes can reinforce these basics and provide a hands-on understanding.


The Critical Nature of Password Management

A seemingly innocent act like keeping a weak password can have severe repercussions. Training sessions should cover how to create strong and unique passwords, the risks associated with password reuse, and the benefits of using password managers. Some companies even run “password audits” to ensure compliance.


Emphasising Secure Communication

Understanding secure communication protocols can significantly reduce the risk of data leaks or unauthorized access. Discuss the differences between HTTP and HTTPS, the importance of encrypted messaging for internal communications, and the rationale for VPNs, especially for remote work situations.


The Need for Email Safety Protocols

Email-related attacks are increasingly sophisticated. Training should include spotting phishing emails, malicious attachments, and scams. Implement simulation exercises where employees have to discern between legitimate and phishing emails. Also, stress the importance of not sharing sensitive information via email unless absolutely necessary.


Implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Not everyone may understand the technicalities of 2FA, but they should at least know its importance. Break down how it adds a second layer of security, usually through something the employee has (like a phone) and the types of 2FA like SMS-based, app-based, or hardware tokens.


Building Resistance Against Social Engineering

Social engineering attacks often exploit human psychology rather than technology. Include role-play exercises or video demonstrations to help employees recognise different forms of social engineering such as pretexting, baiting, or tailgating. Educate them on how to respond and whom to report if they encounter such attempts.


Importance of Incident Reporting

Sometimes, despite all precautions, security incidents occur. Employees should know the immediate steps to take for reporting incidents and preserving any evidence. Offer a straightforward and anonymous reporting mechanism and reinforce that there will be no punitive measures for those who report vulnerabilities or attacks.


Keeping Up with Ongoing Updates

Annual training will not suffice in the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape. Consider monthly newsletters, quarterly refresher courses, or even regular security tips via internal communication channels to keep the team abreast of the latest threats and defensive techniques.



It’s not just about conducting a training session on cyber security; it’s about fostering a culture of cyber awareness. Cyber security is a dynamic field, and as threats evolve, so should your approach to combating them. Companies that invest in thorough, continuous training are better positioned to mitigate risks and defend against the increasingly sophisticated landscape of cyber threats.

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